Volunteer Profile: Shirley Muggleton

14th Aug 2018

You Don’t Have to be There 24-7

Why Do You Volunteer?

When Shirley Muggleton responded to an ad in the newspaper 7 years ago, she knew exactly what she was doing and why.

She wanted to give back. Inverell Home Support Program recruited her as part of their volunteer crew and Shirley loves helping others. ‘I help them and they go home happy,’ she affirms. Shirley currently volunteers with Inverell Home Support Program up to 4 days a week, but reminds us that volunteering doesn’t have to be all about “working” for an organisation. It can be as simple as saying hello…

A Snapshot of Volunteering

Shirley’s journey into volunteering began when her husband contracted cancer. They had run a local business together and now she found herself in the role of a carer. For Shirley, this unlocked a new way of life and she has never looked back. She helps others wherever she goes, it’s not only at Inverell Home Support that she considers herself a volunteer. The simple question, ‘Can I help you?’ breaks down walls and opens doors, Shirley tells. Simply asking permission to assist someone in some small way is a way of life for Shirley, giving her fulfillment and purpose.

Another key principle Shirley uses is always being present and mindful of those she is around. ‘Turn your thoughts to their thoughts,’ she says, ‘Every day you come is going to be a different day.’ This is particularly true for those working in Aged Care. Shirley is very passionate about giving back to our older generation. ‘They have worked hard. Give back! Give them back the lives they have had.’

Why Would You Encourage Someone to Volunteer?

‘Is there going to be anyone there for me?’ This is Shirley’s simple question. Ask yourself this question. What is given now has the power to impact another for a lifetime.