Volunteer Profile: Andrew Woodhead

Andrew Woodhead
29th Aug 2018

Volunteering as a Way of Life

Why do you Volunteer?

Because it’s fun, that’s why! Veteran volunteer Andrew Woodhead has forty years of volunteering behind him and no intention of stopping. ‘I believe my life has been great and you’ve got to give it back,’ Andrew says. He has volunteered in schools, sports and aged care, in both paid and unpaid roles. He takes great pleasure in working with those with special needs, and this has been a major part of his life.

A Snapshot of Volunteering

A year ago, Andrew’s wife Kim told him he should volunteer with Inverell Home Support Program. Andrew applied, was readily accepted, and has not looked back. ‘These people gave us the life we live,’ he is quick to point out, ‘Thank them!’ Andrew loves the challenge of meeting the older generation where they are at. Some days they aren’t doing so well, and to be in a space where he can brighten their day makes him very happy.

Andrew possesses a lively, outgoing personality that helps him reach out to others. He wants to send the message to us all that volunteering can be as simple as meeting someone on the street and saying hello. This is an everyday thing that we can all do. Andrew will intentionally look around him, watching for someone who seems sad or lonely and offer them a friendly smile and hello. It’s that simple. Acknowledgement of people is a powerful thing. ‘Just say hello,’ Andrew says, ‘It will make someone’s day.’

Why Would You Encourage Someone to Volunteer?

Andrew is adamant that it is just so easy to volunteer. ‘It only takes 5 minutes,’ he says. It doesn’t have to take more time than you’ve got. ‘Look around,’ he tells us, ‘Be normal, help somebody!’

Don’t hesitate, call Sandy at Inverell Home Support Services to become a volunteer: 6722 5888.