Inverell Home Support makes use of $30K Grant

Enjoying a break in the new courtyard is Inverell Home Support Program service coordinator Sandy Jeffrey, member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall and Home Support chair Margaret Lenord.
13th Dec 2017

A $30,000 grant has given the Inverell Home Support program a facelift. 

The service now boasts a Queenslander-style courtyard. The recently completed upgrades include a new roof and windows to ensure moderate temperatures in all seasons, while blocking dust, dirt and noise from nearby roads. 

“It’s made a huge difference for new and existing services, particularly for clients with dementia,” dementia and carer support co-ordinator Sandy Jeffrey said.

“It’s essential to have a retreat where they can get away for some peace and quiet.”

The courtyard allows staff to host support programs and functions, entertain clients and train up new volunteers year-round.

 The service had already started a new program which takes full advantage of the courtyard. 

“We’ve started up another ladies social support group – catering to women over 65 that are still active and social,” Ms Jeffrey said.

A social support outlet for over 100 people in the region, the Inverell Home Support Program provides assistance for the elderly and people with disabilities who chose to live in their own home.

Member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall recently shared tea and cake in the courtyard with community carers and volunteers and said the space was a “vast improvement” on the original.

“While the old courtyard was hot, dusty and loud, Inverell HACC now has an insulated oasis of calm and comfort right in the middle of town,” Mr Marshall said.

“The new room is quiet, several degrees cooler, and improves the atmosphere of the entire building.”

He said the upgrades support Inverell Home Support’s “good work” and will attract more volunteers and ensure clients are comfortable at all times. 

“Clients with dementia in particular require a level of comfort and quiet, and these upgrades will ensure their needs are met while attending social events or waiting for community transport,” he said.


This article first appeared in the Inverell Times on the 13th December.

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